Ke-nawind Housing Development Authority

The Ke-nawind Housing Development Authority began operating in 2002. It has its own
governance structure and is guided by three board members – one from each community
in Lac Seul First Nation.

The Authority manages 120 rental units under Sec. 95 of Canada Mortgage and
Housing Corporation (CMHC). Capital funding loans for rental projects are provided through
CMHC Direct Lending or through approved lenders (banks, Aboriginal capital corporations,
credit unions). The loans are insured through the National Housing Act, and guaranteed by
Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and Lac Seul First Nation.

And while CMHC provides subsidy assistance for a period of time for the construction and
operation of the houses, it’s not enough to cover all costs. This is why rent is charged on

Rent for a three-bedroom home in Lac Seul does not exceed $350 per month and rent is
lower for smaller homes. Tenants are responsible for utility costs.

Collecting rent has been a challenge in some instances. To address the issue
the Authority is working on strategies, which include legal options. However, the
Authority knows high hyrdo costs make if difficult for some tenants to pay rent.

Obish Resources has been working hard to address the issue of high hydro costs by
providing wood to community members with wood burning stoves. All Ke-nawind
rental units are equipped with wood burning stoves. When used in the winter,
tenants have noticed a difference with their hydro costs.

In addition to rental units, there is a home ownership program available to eligible
community members. CMHC provides loan insurance to an approved lender for homes
located on-reserve. A loan agreement is made with approved lenders that is secured
through a band council resolution and a Ministerial Loan Guarantee obtained through
AANDC. If loan repayments are not met by the borrower the outstanding balance is paid by
AANDC, which they then recuperate from the Band.

The approved lender helps prospective home owners prepare the application package,
which is submitted to CMHC for approval. So far, one family has used the program and
we’re hoping more families will access the program in coming years.

Future plans include training for our staff, which includes seven employees. We’ll provide
finance and maintenance workshops to employees to enhance their skill set. We’ll also be
providing personal finance workshops for our tenants.

The Authority is excited to have approval to build six more homes, with the hope more
housing projects will be approved as the year progresses.

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