Dec 1st, 2016 AGM Notes

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December 1, 2016 Annual General Meeting notes                                  6:00 pm

Opening Remarks:  Chief Clifford Bull                                                     6:00 pm                                Page

This Annual General Meeting (AGM) here in Whitefish Bay community will be web-streamed live and posted on the Lac Seul website.  There are a few rules to add before the start of this AGM.  We are here to have a respectful dialogue during the evening.

Chief’s presentation: – Chief delivered an update on the Flood Claim proceedings and current settlement offers from the government.  He briefly provided an update on the Flood Claim:

  1. Legacy of the Flood Claim; Sept 12-2016 start LSFN trial vs Canada; began in Ottawa; testimonies on behalf of LSFN these 12 LS experts have presented cases;  LS secured a RBC loan secured against the settlement from Canada; we have a strong court case;  court case as early Jan 2016; Canada approached LS to settle out of court; initial was $10 million – LS wanted $30 million; had community meetings with most agreeing on $30 million as adequate but not enough; we are looking at $100 million plus to settle this claim.  He remembers sitting at meetings; some suggested $400-500-200-300 Mil but we need to be realistic; as there are unheard claims across Canada.  Lac Seul put forth a claim for $100 million.  Chief Bull was first witness with other former Chiefs in line.  Canada offered out of court settlement with new amount was $60 million now but Chief stated it was not enough as we need to remember our community and of the devastation and the fudiciary responsibility that caused our lands to be affected; to the loss of people’s homes; livelihood and how we can fix our community to rebuild. 

Council will be having meetings in Winnipeg in the near future with our 5 lawyers; one is from Mishgeegogamang. Council may consider a counter offer to Manitoba (MB) and Canada for $80 million to $87 million or a land offer where our ancestors are buried at the Mission; where they are buried; those are the things we will talk about. Council will bring these numbers to the membership.Council will listen to Canada and MB governments.Council could render from them a settlement of $100 – 200 Million.Manitoba could bring an additional settlement of say $20 Million; so we have to think about the settlement offers.Council sees a light at the end of the tunnel with full benefit or partial benefit for LSFN.Things are moving forward.Council will keep you posted on the issue.We had a settlement with Timber claim; there were a lot of upset people when the legal team took $6 Million for their legal fees.Lac Seul received $21Million that is 25% of claim.We will not do that this time to pay the lawyers.Everybody will be paid; the bills and lawyers; Percy N and Roger B went around with a community findings to develop a Trust Fund.We need to build an Elders home rather than send them to outside facilities.We need to fix up our communities.

Chief summarized his presentation from the briefing note contained in the Lac Seul Annual Report booklet.

The Chief introduced the newly elected Councilors from Kejick Bay – Stan Littledeer and from Whitefish Bay – Wade Bull and from Frenchman’s Head – Floyd Vincent.  He also introduced the newly elected Youth Council; Peyton Thomas as Youth Chief; Frenchman’s Head – Kyle Mekanak; Kejick Bay – Chad Botte; and Whitefish Bay – Cassie Capay.  The Chief gave thanks to the former Youth Council and wished them the best in their new activities.

Council is looking at developing a Justice Committee; with Grand Council Treaty #3 to prepare a presentation; there have been a lot of judicial matters brought forth especially our people that are incarcerated and want to return home. There have been concerns brought forth about that issue. 
Council went to visit members at Stony Mountain penitentiary and found about the treatment of our people in the justice system.  They will hire a Justice coordinator for Lac Seul First Nation. 

Hydro Rates in the communities are astronomical; that affect the low income and elders on limited income.  Hydro One will provide funding to hire a Hydro One Liaison worker- approximately $30K salary.  Issues from when you get a bill; the tendency is to throw it the corner; pretty soon there is a big stack; we have to ensure the bills are paid by community members.

Rent Arrears; the Housing Manager will talk about that.

Closing remark:  Council would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. 

Questions from Chief’s Opening Remarks and Presentation:

  1. A community member raised a question about having another community healing workshop as some members missed out on last workshop.  We did not have enough info on when and where these events will happen.  How we can formulate some type of reverse healing to achieve the residential school process.  We need more input from members. One thing that came out is of the young people are the lucky ones.  They will need to have an info session with the Youth and how we can formulate a program to erase the residential school intergenerational affects. If we could have more workshops and meetings and input from people about the residential school process. The person that held and was at workshop was very important.
  2. A community Elder remember finding some information regarding St Mary’s School in 1959 where the school had three anishinaabe hockey teams who beat all teams in Kenora and took all the trophies.  In the same year; the team composed of St Mary’s and Cecilia Jeffery won the Chapel cup and Allan Cup but they lost the northwestern Ontario championship. There was nothing written about it in local newspapers. Information was found later in the archives in Oblate documents. 

Answer from Chief:  It was a very dismal day; due to weather conditions.  He commented on the Reconciliation process and to stop the cycle of violence and colonialism. Council were talking about trauma and the need for healing to begin; learning about residential school; how it impacted our communities; the oppression; the things we were told; the shaming of our culture.  They will be working with Council.  Last week we were at LU meeting with a Professor who is doing research on residential school system about Pelican Falls hockey team in the late 40’s 50’s where they were unbeatable team. The hockey team did a tour of southern ON. And this item was posted on the Lac Seul Facebook page. We invited them to do a presentation about membership (passed) and Pelican Falls.  The professor will be invited to the school children to learn about residential school affects and the community will be invited as well. There was information provided about the project BiiWasaa. 

The Wellness Camp will have more residential school wellness programs for Youth. There have been a couple of proposals sent out for February 2017 deadline.

Chief responded that Lac Seul had asked Pat Ningewance and Betty Angeconeb to do a book about LSFN history where they can include this hockey team information.  The plan is to finish book by Treaty day showcasing the history about all three communities and the people.

Next Presentation:   Ralph Orr & Oscar Holikoff – Auditors / HR & Finance - Page 10

Roylene Ogemah: Finance & HR

This year has been difficult due to lack of staff and where finance manager that left in March 2016.  We have been in hiring process for Payroll Clerk and now we went from 3 to 5 staff.  We are working with accountant Kevin Houghton who is working on finance restructuring.  Lac Seul has made lots of advancements which has to do pretty much with Treaty #3.   We are working on making ourselves better.  We are still working with Managers with their quarterly budgets.    We are scheduled to meet with them on Dec 21 & 22, 2016.  As for our future, we are still working on the Finance Policy which is still pretty vague but we are working to streamline and make it more efficient, to be more effective for our First Nation.  Our three community offices have their own way of doing things.

Dorothy Trout; Human Resources Manager 

She has been with Lac Seul since 2011.  She works mainly with Council, the managers and office staff, casual and seasonal staff.  Our department is very busy with finance and human resources (HR) who are the support for the Band.  HR department pretty well deals with HR matters and works with each manager extensively.  They work on planning the hiring process and termination.  Some of things is streamlining as we now have one Payroll department where before there were three departments.  Since 2012, we have systems in place where we have one Accounts Payable clerk and right now they are in the HR department with Roylene as Interim Finance Manager; Dinah in Finance Admin; Ashley Southwind as Payroll Clerk; Pauline Lac Seul as Accounts Payable Clerk (from Kenawind).  Andrea Ignace will be back to work in August 2017.  HR will answer general questions either now or in private. 

Ralph Orr and Oscar Holikoff:  Assurance Partners with MNP LP

They thank the Chief & Council for this opportunity to providing this service and have a long relationship with LSFN.  This past audit is a good clean audit; thanks to Roylene and her staff; go to page 11 in booklet.  A brief company history was provided by Ralph Orr.  They merged with MNP LP this year.

As it stands, the long term debt with CMHC with 2.9 MIL in projects and project growth from 2015 -2016; if required we can get the detailed notes.

Oscar Holikoff did a brief presentation of the audit.  He commented that it was nice to be back this year.   The balance sheet is $42 million which is down from 1.8 million of last year because of the 2 CMHC projects that were not completed by end of March 2015 and of loans against the units.

All the information is on page 12 & 13 in booklet; page 14 shows the analysis of each programs and departments.    Page 15; balance sheet; change of net debt; net revenue; 2016 is much better than 2015; LS was $3Mil better

Questions from Membership:    Are we in the hole?

Answer from Auditor:  The Net Assets vs Debt – Lac Seul is sitting at net worth of $42 Mil yet we do hold capital assets we cannot sell.    Thank you on behalf of our company.

Chief stated of leadership talking about the 3.9 million owing to government and it sits on our books plus the new debt.  We are hoping once we settle with the Flood Claim and the governments, we will be in better financial position.  Thank you to Ralph and Oscar for coming provide the Annual Audit.

Prevention Services Report:  Chris Lawson, Director of Dehnahwemaganug Services – Page 16

Booshzoo from a Prevention staff member who is doing the presentation on behalf of Director who wasn’t able to make it to AGM.  He had asked me to do the presentation in his place.  He put this report together with community special events and in trying to provide community support where we are needed.   Prevention staff read from the AGM booklet.

Questions:  None

Presentation from a new Justice Youth Initiative Program – Carla Slobozian

Carla Slobozian from Grand Council Treaty #3 provided a handout and a report on the new Justice Youth Initiative program.

Questions:  None

Presentation from Tourism Program – Jeremy Capay

Jeremy Capay provided a presentation on the Tourism event where he represented Lac Seul First Nation. He stated the fact of who we are as a people and how do we want to treat our visitors.  He had attended the recent Tourism Exit North - Indigenous Tourism ON where the director made an important message to First Nations.  He stated that travelers will know you are not true to yourselves and that First Nations should be the real tour guides in Canada.  Europeans are looking at an authentic tour in a First Nation remote region up north and in south.  

On December 7th there will be a Farms and Foods Tourism event happening in Kenora.  If there is enough interest from the membership of who want to attend this event, interested members can get a hold of Jeremy or one of Councilors. 

One more item is the outdoor programs brought together by Ecotourism webinar.  If interested members want to take part in seminar they can contact him.  The webinar features what it takes to be a great tour guide”.  This webinar is happening on Thursday, December 1 at 1 pm CST. 

In regards to efforts to build a strategy for LSFN, we learned about opportunities out there to take part in mainly for development; to make our destination known more globally; we need to think big.  While he attended the Indigenous Tourism ON, he was approached by Tourism ON to be sit on the Advisory Committee and is now the only aboriginal member.  The message was on how we can attract more visitors and how we can make it more market ready, how it can be achieved locally and to make it a reality.  Right now, it is one of more important factor to make a difference in our communities that is connecting with Lac Seul Events Centre and in joining with other programs. 

Questions:  None

Health Report;  Leroy Quoquat – Page 18

Summarizing from the booklet; Health is experiencing a shortfall in nursing staff; Brenda Head will be leaving LSFN.  Health has been trying to secure another nursing position; they succeeded in hiring a nurse on a part time basis.  Gladys Nayotchkeesic who will be here when Brenda leaves.  We posted for a CHR position in WFB and one is currently in training and hoping to put her in that position.

TRANSPORTATION program is currently in a deficit position as there is no funding to run this program.  It is hard to minimize as it was a $75K deficit mostly attributed to medical transportation.  Health also requires extra staff to cover weekends.  We will be acquiring another van for non-insured health transportation and funding will be coming from Education Department.  Health Canada will not approve funding of 2 Early Childhood sites for FMH and KB.

Home Community Care Program has two Personal Support Workers; one Home & Community Care Nurse who acts as liaison for Hospice programs.  We need a Palliative Care Centre for Lac Seul.

SUBOXONE TREATMENT PROGRAM: this program has experienced some success with clients; with their counselling sessions and with land based activities.   Suboxone clinic will be opening in FMH as well.  We are looking at opening a treatment centre in FMH but had problem finding space and looking at temporary solution.  One option would be a temporary place to be at Elders Centre in FMH.

HEP C TESTING:  We will be doing Hep C blood testing in all 3 communities starting in January 2017.  What we set up is a clinic drive with a basic blood pin prick to take sample of blood and from there it is sent to Winnipeg to get tested to see if Hep C is positive.  This will be starting soon and will make everyone aware.  We will provide education as to what Hep C and what is does to your liver.  On a positive note, there is a vaccine that takes a couple of days of turnaround time for the cure to be effective.  We will advise community when testing will take place;

Chief encourages everyone to get tested; the resurgence of rheumatic fever; could be fatal if not treated; usually children gets it; should get tested immediately; only be treated with strong antibiotics; affect the heart; as disease progresses; but is curable; these diseases are coming back; due to living conditions; water quality; crowding housing conditions.

Questions and Responses re Health:

Questions from Community Members: 

  1. A community member raised a concern regarding transportation issue where Lac Seul clients are refused at the hospital.  How can we come up with some solutions with that?  Lac Seul clients are left out in the cold when transportation shuts down and we run into that problem.
  2. A community member commented of this to be added as part of settlement for land for a residence; facilities; property or building in Sioux Lookout (SLKT) as part of negotiations.

Leroy Responded: One solution maybe to look into buying a residence in SLKT same as a hostel situation for patients to stay overnight.

Council Responded:  Council also stated that patients were not allowed to use the hostel as the Ministry stated Lac Seul community is too close to urban center and patients can go home and would be able to drive home every night.  The hostel is mainly for northern people.  Mishgeegogamang members have the same issue.  It is definitely an issue when Elders are left at airport.  There has to be a better solution; where one could look at housing in Sioux Lookout where a plan to buy or rent a residence even for chronically ill; blood transfusions; for those who have to live in SLKT with relatives.  We need to assist them leadership will work with Leroy to get something done about that.

Council stated that they had wanted to create an urban reserve in SLKT but it was not viewed in a favorable manner.  Plans are to revisit the issue of an urban reserve again as we now have a Friendship Accord in place with the township of Sioux Lookout.  Where the land is at Tim Horton’s or at Giant Tiger, residences for patients could be bought or built and in future as office spaces for aboriginal organizations.

Question from a Community Member: She brought up an issue from last year where they had talked about localized dialysis program within the community.

Leroy answered this question.  He stated that unfortunately Health Services had to stop that because of water quality as very clean water is required to run a dialysis machine.   Health Services will look at another system called a reverse osmosis system.  He believed that is one of things we need.

The question was raised that there were a couple of reverse osmosis systems but there were not running properly.  They had requested it be repaired by installers but never happened.  Willie will do a better report on that issue.  The dialysis issue will be revisited in the future.

Suggestion and Comment from Community Member:  Aren’t we part of the 4 part agreement at Hospital; maybe come up with some sort of solution for transportation issue;

Leroy responded and stated they had talked to the Zone Director; the Zone makes some provisions; then it went straight back to no services; the argument is that we have our own Transportation program; that is the reason; there is some room in the 4 part agreements.  Lac Seul does not run a 24 hour program for transportation.



Education Program – Eric Bortlis  - page 20

Thank you;  for giving me the opportunity as the Education Director and to be able to talk about things such as the reason to look forward to helping Elders in community when they come out of the hospital.

Eric summarized his report from the AGM booklet.

We welcome everyone to come in to speak about future requests for each community.  Some ideas mentioned

  • volleyball for adults at the school gym
  • bringing our med van services to attend the Healthy Choices workshops
  • an after school Hockey program for children
  • There have been talks about getting our own high school in Lac Seul
  • one recommendation was to purchase books as rewards
  • We had asked parents to read to children at school

Information can be processed through a school website, paper notices at band offices, at health offices, at other offices and at the LS event centre on an information flash board.     These are some things I look forward to and is always open to questions and comment so we can move forward through discussions.

Questions and Responses re Education: 

A community member mentioned the Education board and of the resignation from one Board member.  There was a need for a school policy and the need for new policies for Board as well.

Eric responded that they are currently looking for a Kejick Bay board member.   They have restructured the Board from 9 to 7 members where one is an off-reserve member and one Elder.  Interested parties may put their name forward to Education. It is essential to maintain an active Board.  He has brought forth recommendations to Board who pass them and ultimately the Board makes the decisions for education in the community.

A community member raised the issue of after school care.  Currently, Lac Seul runs the Day Care program.  Are they are supposed to be implementing this after school care for working families?

Eric responded that last year this program was in Frenchman’s Head with a $30 thousand tightly mandated funding by Kenora District Services board.  He commented that one staff left just after Christmas.  The program’s reporting daily each component were late due to transition of Education Director and of the former Principal.  The funding was spent insufficiently and Lac Seul lost the program.  This year another proposal was submitted but we need another year to sort things.  This proposal application will be for Kejick Bay as well as for Frenchman’s Head and to include Whitefish Bay but only for transportation component.



Social Programs – Ontario Works  - Donna Ningewance   - Page 22

She made opening remarks of her Report being on page 22.  She will summarize her report.  Ida Hart runs the Kejick Bay (KB) Ontario Works (OW) administration and Clayton runs the Frenchman’s Head (FMH) program.  The Slate Falls OW is administered and provided to Slate Falls by the OW program in FMH.  We are looking to hire as early in December 2016.   There was a vacancy of Reception/Finance clerk in Kejick Bay.   

A briefing on how OW does the administration of basic shelter costs.  OW will cover the cost of hydro bill or for wood.  They can only pay or provide one type of heating.  The OW client can submit hydro bill or wood for basic shelter cost component.  Clients are asked to submit their hydro bills on a monthly basis for shelter costs are flowed through Kenawind Housing.  Should clients have any questions, they can phone and ask Clayton, Ida or Donna.

Employment Training program:  Priscilla Quoquat runs this program.  OW is looking to hire another employment training worker to provide more employment assistance which will include resume writing, employment related workshops and to provide transportation for day care.  We encourage people to participate in programs at Lac Seul Training Centre of Excellence.   Some clients are enrolled in Seven Generations programs and Wahsa programs.  Some courses that are available on regular basis are the First Aid course which is listed twice a year, the preparation for G1 license.  They also offer the Life Skills training which included cooking, budgeting, introduction to electrical system, sewing, crafts as we need to provide an interest in clients.  For the OW transportation, we now to have two full time drivers with Judy Littledeer who provides in town daily runs Monday to Friday for OATC and methadone, suboxone treatment clinics and they provide transportation services to single mothers for groceries shopping.

Eligibility Review Support Program    This program is designed that the process is follow through with OW program; we don’t have any fraudulent activity happening; verify residences.

Family Support Worker (FSW)  The FSW provides support to families; to do their taxes; birth certificates; child support; family court system; offer monthly workshops on baking cooking sewing; as early as end of January 2017.

Employment Experience Program  This funding is provided from AANDC; it provides employment work placement for up to 2 years; OW does the hiring process for these positions.  We now have 14 positions; some seasonal with LS Resort; 3 with Sawmill; 2 with Cement; Student Retention workers; with OW have 2 drivers; and security guards.

Home Care Program  We have 2 PSW workers; 1 f/t HCC coordinator; KB has 6 F/t home support workers; in  FMH has 4 F/t home support.

National Child Benefit (NCB) Reinvestment program  This program provides and prevents child poverty and this has been in community for some years; there are various initiatives funding by this program.

Questions and Responses

A community member raised a question about Home Care services on behalf of an Elder. Is there another type of services for Elders; no one comes to his place;

Donna responded:  We usually encourage Elders to contact Glenda to continue the services in the event they relocate or service was discontinued in past.  You can reach her at Kejick Bay Access Center.

Chief raised a question:  Two Elders had raised questions as to why their cheques were decreased.  It was found out they had not submitted their tax returns.  He suggested for ways of looking to find solutions for this issue.  One way would be to look at Stone Ash who could provide free tax returns.



Economic Development Program:  Barry King, Manager of Business Operations and Sam Manitowabi, Manager of Negotiations

Sam Manitowabi made opening comments about the building relationships with First Mining Corp and exploration mining projects that are owned by Gold Canyon, also there is Pure Gold exploration project in Madsen.  We will also be working with the Ontario Power Authority project.  We will be assisting the GCT#3 working with Trans Canada pipeline on any consultations and we will have more detailed maps and reports as relationships move forward.  The Wabigoon forest comes up to Frenchman’s Head to Kejick Bay and Whitefish Bay; we and Obish Resources (ORC) will jointly negotiate and oversee the planning portion of that area.  Any concerns, please bring them to ORC.  Recently, a joint venture with Wisk Air where Ministry of Development &Mines was doing an airborne survey with Wisk.  Lac Seul acquired a fishing license with OMNR and we are looking at future licenses in our traditional territory.

Barry King summarized his report. He also manages the bunkhouse where people that require temporary immediate housing as it is a much needed service. One other negotiation, Lac Seul is in the forest harvesting operations.  Domco has food services in Red Lake and Lac Seul members are to be employed in the summer season. Red Lake Gold mine has underground miner positions available.  Student with a post-secondary education can apply for summer postings. 

The Chief had mentioned several years ago of the plan to get an urban reserve.  There was a lot of misunderstanding from Sioux Lookout citizens but once they realize the importance of doing business with Lac Seul; feelings have changed.  A historic Friendship Accord was signed with Sioux Lookout (SLKT).    In regards to the property behind Tim Horton’s it belongs to municipality.  There is an opportunity for a building (office/residential) design to $400,000 but is now an urban economic zone. The requirement by Canada Revenue of FN organization will require research as opposed to having a building on reserve.  The whole area in question is by Tim Horton’s; Giant Tiger and Wellington Convenience Store into a whole urban area.

Just recently, Sioux Lookout municipal office contacted Lac Seul of a property swap in SLKT and in Hudson where they are looking at the training centre and Grants.  They have the Lost Lake Center and Hudson Hall but it is still in discussion stage.

The major concern was Tim Horton’s which had a few rough years but the current project will be break-even and they are moving ahead.  Another investment was the Rona Store with another FN partner and the business failed.  Council bought a mortgage; they were able to foreclose and now belongs to Lac Seul.   We entered a lease agreement with Giant Tiger.  Other investments are shares in Rubicon but we never paid for shares as they were part of negotiations; any stock investment in gold is not doing great.

Investments we are working on improving positions is in forestry; log cutting where MNR has placed emphasis to protect the caribou population.  It has impacts the way we get to the food source/supply.  We do have more say now when we do our community consultations and we need members to be aware of where clear cutting operations are and why.

Sawmill operations are brought in by independent operators.  Chief stated that we have big plans for our communities in terms of an added value mill; to mass produce lumber; siding; coffins.  We want to make the ferry operations again which will cost $3 million to get it in operations. We would be getting wood from north end. 

In behind Canoe River; the island is really good for hunting moose and we would like to protect that area; making inland trails; cabins; basically to preserve the site for all to enjoy.

In regards to the empty store facility in Kejick Bay, we needed a big name store to move into the former Red Pine store so we approached Johnny’s Freshmarket to operate a small grocery store.  Todd and Tracey wanted to discuss at looking to opening a grocery store.  They will start their operations at $250,000.  They will take the top 100 sellers and offer them for sale.  The perimeters will be freezers; fresh baking and we are looking at early January 2017 to provide a full grocery service same as SLKT.  They will be bringing in items on regular basis with similar pricing.  This business venture will bring in about $40,000 in rent per year in a lease agreement.  They will hire local staffing in Lac Seul.  They will also have gas available.

We have our Lac Seul Training Centre of Excellence which will mostly be resource based; not retail based.   The Obish Resource staff and board members are here to answers those questions.  Obish Resources will answer questions as to why we negotiated the fishing license and where we wanted to have our input as to where the clear cutting operations will happen.  They had discussions in the fall and there were no concerns addressed; as community members you have the opportunity to consult us to manage our resources.

There is an Open House going to be done soon regarding the grocery store and Todd and Tracey have been at two meetings with Council.   We will be doing info sessions with communities as soon as they can.

Questions and Responses from the Ec Dev presentation

A community member raised a question if we are really making any money investments made.

A question was raised with regards to the fishing license with MNR.  The response was it is the gill net.

A community member questioned with all investments made; is all info given to community members; of all partnerships we are involved with; that info should be shared with everyone; forestry issue; by Canoe River; a place where people can go and hunt; all the clear cutting; logging operations; all the animals have moved on; moose population going down; we need to address the forestry and value of restorations of forests/lands.   Is it a need to know basis?

Another concern by a community member was how much timber rights do we have? Do we look at another way other than sawdust?

Another commented on what is the update on the Freshmarket store; will prices of food be same?  Yes

A non-community member raised the question if it is non resource based in foreseeable future; for   roads with timber; Domtar said they weren’t going to be putting heavy mill traffic; will only be accessing via Lynx Road; will the bus transportation be impacted for students going to Sioux Lookout high school?

A Councilor recapped a comment raised by a community member in KB.  One of things brought up was the store; where they have been receiving phone calls on when this will happen; need to know and to hold info sessions; go to community what will happen/transpire and we need to know. 

A community member asked if there will be gas available at this new store.

The Economic Development responses to all these questions raised is they will be answered at the next community forums to be held in the New Year.


IT and Internet Services:                        Terry Moreau

The IT and Internet Services are now in the 4 to 5 years in operations and are slowly expanding in Whitefish Bay and Kejick Bay in December and in January; any questions about internet services one can  call them. 

In Kejick Bay school; put new cameras; KB 90% complete; dog attacks will be recorded; KB school internet upgraded; also finish Education project in WFB; with cameras in school.  At Lac Seul Police Services, we are working to provide internet services and looking to provide back-up power so no loss of service.  Currently we have a tower that hosts area at Mahkwa Lodge; at landing.

The long term plan in KB to tear down the access tower and build new radio tower.  We are looking to place a tower near the WFB complex and working with O& M workers.  We are working with Bell phone lines as we did WFB phone lines in the new housing section also KB new housing should get phone lines installation.  In FMH it is more expensive as they want to run lines underground.  Most people use cell phones now. They have been doing the KNET mobile project you can roam.  Pretty soon they will have data packages and TBAy Tel users will have coverage.  We are doing some plans for a small booster in Whitefish Bay.  

We were waiting for upgrade to install in early November, the hardware is in hope to install next week before holidays.  We will be available during holidays for emergencies.

**Chief applauds them for their amount of work; using the internet access to do self-service right from home and in having a radio station.


ORC update:  Andreas Zailo and  Anne Marie Wynn

Strategic project initiative is a $60,000 project for the added value mill and fixing road work project for 5 full-time workers.

Licensing agreement with Lac Seul gives Lac Seul more options.  With regards to funding for Ferry it will cost approximately $3Mil to purchase and to ship here.  With regards to the value added mill project we plan to create a wood burning facility; use of waste material to make pellets for stoves.  It will reduce wood costs by making engineered trusses; cedar siding;  couple of other options. For wood options; we can make bush mats.  We got to meet with forest companies who are interested in our projects; if they come on board this will reduce our costs.  We met with NOHFC and submitted entrepreneurship applications.

A question was raised by community member:  Would we be able to use our own resources?  Would it be supplied by an Atikokan mill?   For on our traditional lands; would we be looking at out of reserve logging?  

Response: Lot of mills cannot take a lot of oversized logs; which is good as we can make beams; other uses with marketable means.


Kenawind Housing – David Gordon  - page 28

David Gordon summarized the highlights.  Kenawind looks after 140 houses in Lac Seul mostly rental units.  Kenawind employs seven full-time staff in maintenance.   There are three people employed in the cabinet making.  We applied for Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CHMC) internship programs and now employ two CMHC interns.  All houses are available for rent and we ask tenants to try to pay their rent on time.  Kenawind also has a Home Ownership Program.  We also have a Home Renovation Program.  We use that source to borrow funds to buy an existing home on reserve.  At this time; we have 100 applications on file.  There are available subsidies for tenants to pay utilities through Hydro One.  We have four homes to be renovated through the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP).

Currently there are four houses being built with two in Frenchman’s Head and two in Kejick Bay.  There are triplexes as well; one being built in each community.  We have five housing approved for next year.

A question was raised by a community member:  Who decides who moves to each house as it seems outsiders get housing before Lac Seul members.

David responded:  Kenawind has a Board of Directors who decide. They look at all applications and who has the highest need.  Council has input as well.   The Board looks at the off-reserve listing and as per need basis.   In the community of Whitefish Bay, there are houses available where it might have happened where an off-reserve member received a house.

Another question by a community member:  Is there a way for a band member to get housing and for medical reasons?  Is there a way to help this person get housing? 

David responded:  First thing would be to get an application in to Kenawind and to get on the list. 

A community member asked:  She was wondering why Home Support is not allowed to do repairs in Kenawind houses.

David responded:  They would be able to and any help would be appreciated.  They would have to be qualified for major repairs like electrical, plumbing and other major repairs.

A community member mentioned something about an Elder’s Complex.  Their question if it was their department?  We do have an aging group (baby boomers) who have a need for Elder’s housing or where they can’t live on their own.

David’s reponse: If there would be funds available; we would like to keep Elders to live independently as long as they can.

Chief stated they were going to proceed to last presenter.


Operations & Maintenance:  William Quedent and True Grit Consulting

The department comprises of different ones; roads, manage water systems, building maintenance, lots of infrastructures.  The funding for infrastructures is called Operation & Maintenance (O & M).  We put monies aside for hydro.  We do repairs to assets.  The O& M budget is $1.million annually which doesn’t leave a lot of monies for repairs like roads and buildings.  Another program is Minor Capital which is worth $800,000 annually.  It is a lot of paperwork which is a lot of reporting on every dollar we spend.    We are accountable to Lac Seul and also to Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).   INAC determines how we spend the O&M budget given on yearly basis.  I have been working there for 9-1/2 years with more roles being added and the supervising of a lot of staff under the O & M program.  Some bigger projects are Kejick Bay (KB) water treatment plant (WTP)- a $4 million project once it is completed.  The KB WTP will have job opportunities available for members.  We have another three-year project with the Whitefish Bay WTP.  Another project approved is for a Sewage Lagoon; this new project is $5.5 million.  The building of a lagoon collection project will run from 2018-2020.  There will be a lot of engineering design work.  Another project that we received funding is for a Waste Management (Mgmt) Study (WMS) which will determine how much garbage we produce on reserve.  We need to find places to put our garbage that may affect future generations.  One solution is to send our garbage to SLKT.  Northern First Nations (FNs) have no way to get rid of their garbage like the piles of rusting oil tanks and cars.  Now Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) has provided $400 million for Waste Management Studies for northern areas.  That is a big decision to be made and the decision has to come from the membership.  Randy Edwards of True Grit is the consulting company that was hired to do the presentation about the Waste Mgmt Study.  What this WMS if we should enter this municipal type of agmt will be going to their landfill and monies from AANDC will provide funding.

Randy Edwards:  True Grit presentation on the processes of a Municipal Transfer Service Agreement and with other transfer waster companies. 

Mr. Edwards concluded his presentation about what the next steps would be. Lac Seul should think about this important topic.  We will hold another community meeting for members to provide input on what we want to do with our garbage.


Chief Bull stated there will be another Annual General Meeting in the Summer 2017 in Kejick Bay where we’ll have more news about the Flood claim.


Closing Prayer: Sarah Capay - 11 pm