Kejick Bay Water Update

  • Posted on: 11 May 2017
  • By: terrymoreau

Released: May 11, 2017                               

Public Works Update


Kejick Bay Water Treatment Plan


The Plant continues to lose 190 cubic meters of water per day, which tells us, there is a water leak in the distribution systems.    Normal flow are 70-90 cubic meters of water flow to per day.  PW’s is working to turn off the isolation values throughout the community and monitor the water pressure level.  This is done to try locate a broken waterline in the core area of the community.  Different parts of the community isolation values were ‘turned off’ with no success yet.  We will be moving to the center of the community to locate.

PW’s also ordered another water pump at which will be installed next week.

PW’s is also conducting door to door inventory to each house of any continuous water flow eg. Toilet or tap. 

PW’s would like to take this time to thank the community with their patience and cooperation on this matter.  If you have any questions, please contact PW’s department at 807-582-3503.