Lac Seul Road Upgrade – Community Update

  • Posted on: 5 November 2018
  • By: alfredfavel
Lac Seul Road Upgrade – Community Update
Construction will begin November 9, 2018
and is expected to end June 30, 2019. The roads
in particular that will be upgraded
with surface treatments are:
  • Frenchman’s Head Road to the turn off at Resort Road;
  • Lac Seul Resort Road up to the bedrock before Lac Seul Resort;
  • Clearing up the traffic area at the Public Works garage;
  • Kejick Bay Road from Archie’s Landing to the Nursing Station;
  • Whitefish Bay community loop from the cemetery turn off to the end of John Bull Drive;
  • Whitefish Bay road up to Mawkwa Lodge’s gates from the turn off.
Additional work will be done throughout the construction areas of these roadways.
They Include:
  • Adding culverts where needed;
  • Clearing up the overgrowth for safety;
  • Adding a walkway along Frenchman’s Head Road up to the Day Care Centre;
  • New ditching will be done in certain areas where upgrades are and if possible;
  • Local Labour will be utilized whenever possible during the construction phase.