Organization Profile

Organization Facts

  • We have an annual budget of $29 million.
  • Lac Seul First Nation employs 143 full time employees.
  • When counting seasonal and casual employees, that number jumps to 195.
  • 15 employees have worked for Lac Seul for over 16 years!
  • We are involved in numerous ventures and partnerships. These include:
  • Limited Partnership Agreements: Migizi L.P, Moncrief Construction L.P., Tim Horton’s L.P., Lac Seul General Partner L.P., Yellowbird Construction, and Ontario Power Generation L.P.
  • Joint Venture Agreements: Ackewance L.P., Chibougamau L.P., and Domco Food Services L.P.


Organization Structure




Social                              Chris Lawson, Social Director
Public Works / O&M         William Quedent, Operations & Maintenance Manager
Ke-nawind Housing           David Gordon, Housing Manager
Employment & Training     Sam Manitowabi, Director of Employment and Training
Lac Seul Events Centre     Barry King, Events Centre Manager
Education                         Jennifer Manitowabi, Education Director/Principal
Health                              Leroy Quoquat, Health Director
Ontario Works                  Donna Ningewance, Acting Ontario Works Supervisor
Finance                           Grace Strang, Finance Manager
Human                            Resources Dorothy Trout, HR Manager