Waninitawingaang Memorial School

The Waninitawingaang Memorial School is located in the community of Kejick Bay. WMS has been in operation for 10 years under the guiding principals of the Lac Seul Education Authority. The students at WMS enjoy a wide variety of cultural activities and  enjoy the benefits of many online learning applications such as Reading Plus and Mathletics. This school has a designated space called an “Idea Room” in this learning environment, students are encouraged to explore their own creativity and make discoveries that reinforce their learning goals. The school staff is committed to providing differentiated learning opportunities that engage the success of our students.


Mission Statement:
"All Lac Seul elementary schools provide learning opportunities which support, challenge, and inspire all students to achieve their full potential and encourage them to participate in meaningful ways"

Principal: Alisha Hill

Admin Assistant: Antoinette Ningewance

Special Education: Nicole Pereira

Kindergarten: Andrea Girt
Grade 1 and 2: Ashley Vandenberg
Grade 2 and 3: Brittany Foster
Grade 4 and 5: Jessica Pires

Grade 6/7/8: Sean Tudor

Support Staff: Violet Kejick, Amy Trout, Kirstie Kejick, Teressa Anderson, Regina Littledeer, Lyndon Lawson

Kitchen: Rosemarie Lac Seul

Maintenance and Custodial Staff: Derek Dasti, Penny Bottle

Teachers and Support for LSEA

Education Director: Eric Bortlis

Admin Assistant LSEA: Charmaine Littledeer

Speech Support: Kerri-Ann McKenzie, Joy Bruce